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All things sharp and pointy ...

I really have been trying to ride my bike to work. Last summer I did it almost every day and it was instrumental in me losing a lot of weight. However, at the moment I don't know what karma has been coming back to bite me in the rear - but I can't seem to be able to keep my tires inflated!

In the past two weeks I have had three flats. Two of them were "harmless" in that I didn't have to walk much after noticing them but one was the cause of a 3 mile treck in the heat of the day. I am seriously to the point that I am pretty sure it is becoming more expensive to ride my bike ... which is oh so very wrong on so many levels. To make matters worse - while putting my bike in my car this last time I broke the plastic housing on one of my gages.


I told my Mother that this is just God's way of getting me to test out my newly gained knowledge on how to change tires. After my first flat (the 3 mile walk one) I took my bike to the local trusty bike shop where a friend changed the inner tube for me. Two days later when I woke in the morning only to find that the other tire had a flat I decided that I really needed to learn how to do this on my own - be self sufficient. A really great friend at work, Gio, is also a cyclist and he agreed to teach me. (It is simple, I know, but even the simplest things are impossible if you have no idea how to do them.) So he showed me how to do it on the second flat ... this afternoon (less than a week later) I got another flat. So I am going to sit down with my bike and try out my newly gained knowledge.

Hopefully after this trial by fire the cosmos will stop poking me (or more importantly my bikes tires) and leave me to happily peddle about. My sense of humor about this has thus far continued but I think I am reaching the end of my endurance for this situation.

To err is human, but when the eraser wears out ahead of the pencil, you're overdoing it.

~ J. Jenkins ~


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May. 30th, 2010 05:55 am (UTC)
In high school, I'd ride my bike as much as twenty or thirty miles each day. I learned to do all my own maintenance. One thing I learned was always to carry two tire levers, a spare tube, and a pump with me. You toss the new tube in, take the old one home, find the leak, patch it, and stick it in the kit to be the "new tube" next time. That way, you don't ever find yourself walking with the bike over your shoulder for miles.
May. 30th, 2010 10:18 am (UTC)
I hear you about the flat tires. Even if you have the tire repair stuff with you when it happens, it is still pretty annoying when all you really want the bike for is as a reliable way to get to work. What I've ended up doing is getting the "thornproof" inner tubes - they have about a quarter-inch of rubber in the tube walls, and are practically tough enough to work as tires in their own right. And then voila! No more flats! They have slightly more rolling resistance than you get with standard tubes, but not too bad. And really, what does one want from a commuter bike, anyway - the ability to win races, or reliability? The only thing is they do cost about twice as much as a regular tube, and most bike shops don't stock them so they have to be special-ordered.
Jun. 1st, 2010 05:07 am (UTC)
I switched to tire goop, and it seems to work somewhat better, though I still get flats on a regular basis. If you can get thicker tubes that helps too. But, yeah, it's just one of the hazards.

Also? I love your icon.
Oct. 6th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
I just got a tarantula after stumbling upon one of your older blog posts. Do you still have any?
Oct. 7th, 2010 04:07 am (UTC)
Re: Tarantulas
Actually I have 12 of the eight legged wonders. What kind did you get?
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