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504 fan ... but a fan nonetheless!

It is hard not to love the Saints when you live in NOLA. Their fans are rabid and being a browncoat and trekkie - I can empathize with rabid fans. I love that I was able to live here and see the joy upon the winning of the game. I fit right in because when I get overly emotional (ANY emotion really) I cry - and there is a great tradition of crying when they win here (they dance when they lose ... not a bad habit to pick up really).

I didn't watch the whole game because I really can't handle that sort of stress and just want to get to the winning (or God forbid losing) right away - like a bandaide - pull it off quickly.

I tuned into the game for the last five minutes - just in time to see THE MOST AWESOME PLAY OF THE SEASON! When Tracy Porter intercepted a pass and went all the way back for a touchdown. It was AWESOME! Made all the more cool because as he ran he kept pointing and even danced the last few steps. It was Saints all the way after that!

Once we won I could hear people outside of my house singing (or yelling) "Who Dat! Who Dat! Who Dat saying they gonna be them Saints?!". I went to my front door and at three separate houses people where "second lining" into the street. Moments late I heard honking horns and realized that people on the nearby streets and Vet Blvd. where celebrating as well and then the sky started to fill up with fireworks from at least a dozen houses in my neighborhood ... and I live a good six miles from downtown!

It was awesome.

I am so happy for everyone here. The Saints deserved it and so did this city. This is going to be one hell of a Mardi Gras season!

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