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Favorite Christmas present - the Kindle DX!

Okay my parents got me a kindle for this past Christmas. I was conflicted on ereaders but now I am thoroughly obsessed with the damn thing. It is AWESOME! I love the fact that I don't have to hold books open but can simply lean it against my leg or pillow (yep I am lazy) and that I can be capricious in my reading choices and flit from book to book without having to get up and search for it.

It does have its downsides - one of the biggest being a complete lack of control over organization. They said they are going to be fixing this soon so I hope they come up with something that makes it all work better. The other downside is that I have been buying books like an addict for years now ... and if I want to read them on the kindle I have to buy them all over again! And I can't cheat by finding them at a book sale or trading with a friend. They aren't as cheap as I expected either - most costing about $6 or so. Even then all the books I want aren't offered (for example Crown Duel isn't at the kindle store - *wail* - but Mrs. Smith is working to remedy that so all will be well on that front soon).

I figure I am going to give myself a small allowance and try to buy some every once and a while to slowly replace my library. I have already decided that I simply can't part with some of the physical books regardless as to whether or not I get them in digital format. They just have too much sentimental value. Many have been read so many times that their binding is giving out so I don't think I could sell them anyways.

I still like it though and have a feeling that eventually I will give in with most of my books. Like my CD's and my ipod ... it will happen without me even noticing.


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Jan. 19th, 2010 04:24 pm (UTC)
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