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Back on the bandwagon ...

Last year I decided to attempt to lose some weight and get into shape. After one year I have lost 40 pounds! I still have a way to go but I am okay with my progress. I am going to weight watchers and their favorite question when you reach any sort of changes has it made in your life. Oddly - I don't feel like I am that much more capable of physical activity now then I was then. I travelled a lot and hiked some insane trails while carrying that weight.

Having said that - my weight has been steady for the past four months or so. I knew that my diet would take a hiatus during the "craft show season" and holidays so I am not really disappointed or upset. I also quit working out though and boy can I tell a difference now that I am starting to get back in my old routine!

Last year I rode my bike to work the majority of the time. Around the time that October came up I was able to travel the ~5.5 miles to work without my blustering or pain ... today was a lot of blustering and pain! I am also lifting weights at the gym again and finding that I can only lift a fraction of what I was doing before my hiatus. I am stuck between being thrilled that my workout plan does make a difference and kicking myself for backsliding so much.

Ah well ...

I have something to work towards again! I hope that I can something similar this year because I still have a ways to go. (I planned on posting pictures but my upload wizard kept choking up on me … maybe it is trying to tell me to wait until I get to my goal – but that could be a rather long time from now so no one hold their breath.)

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