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Fan-tabulous "weekend"!

So this week Tuesday and Wednesday were my "weekend".

Yesterday ... wouldn't be what a normal person would classify as "fan-tabulous". It was my official day of doctors. I decided that now since I am covered by insurance I officially have no excuse for not having a "primary physician". I have had ear and eye doctors and even was on a nearly first name basis with a clinic for a while (ah, gall bladder - how I don't miss you!) but I have never gone to the doctor when nothing was wrong with me.

First, I went to the general doctor. I can say with pride and a smile that I didn't handle it well. She was a great lady and I am thrilled with her but I was abnormally nervous and didn't enjoy the procedures that took place. I had to get the "girl" stuff done and that led to uncomfortable conversations about my past. She was really patient with me and I am sure it is already one of those things that I am looking back at and laughing about but at the time I was certainly not laughing. She is also sending my blood through a crap-ton of tests to make sure everything is alright. There is a metabolic disorder that she thinks I have that would explain my trouble with acne and my issues with weight ... personally I would love it if a pill solved all those problems but I am of the opinion that it is simply a matter of changing my habits.

My doctor suggested that I see a dermatologist as soon as possible because of my family history of skin cancer and personal history of burns and uber sensitive skin. I was lucky enough that there was a cancellation later that day with a doctor in the same building so I almost went directly there. I told them about my extremely mild eczema, slight fear of skin cancer, and frustrating issues with acne. They were really sweet and the doctor told me the really big long name for the eczema that she thinks I have (but didn't give me anything for it ... something I hope to remedy in the near future). The acne conversation was really interesting - she brought up the same metabolic disorder and said that she wanted the results that Dr. Godbey got. Also, she gave me some lotion and an antibiotic that she is hoping will help clear me up. I am also planning on talking with her about isolaz in the future.

I can't say that Tuesday was fun ... but I am utterly relieved to have it behind me and LOVE the fact that I got it all done and put things into motion! I admit I felt totally and completely violated because I am not the type of person that likes to be touched by people I know well, while fully clothed ... so the things doctors do is well out of my comfort zone. However, the logical science major in me knows the value of information and is content.

Today - was the complete opposite. I only went out to get the mail. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and reading. I got my downstairs all tidy and put a big dent in organizing my library in my bedroom. There is something about a clean house that makes me feel so very much better inside. I am also really enjoying a new author, Jocelynn Drake, and finished the first book in her new series Nightwalker (Dark Days, #1). So today was a VERY good day!

Overall, I accomplished more than I would have dreamed the last couple of days (including a lot of slackish reading) and I am ready to go back and tackle work! That should be what weekends are about!

I would not exchange my leisure hours for all the wealth in the world.

~ Edgar A. Shoaff ~

Also - I haven't shared a song in a long time. I really thought this one was cute and I could see it making Elizabeth smile considering the mood she has been in lately so here you go --Perfectly Perfect by Elizabeth & The Catapult ...... ENJOY!

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