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Yesterday that magnanimous JohnLee, plant specialist extraordinaire, took me on a little walk surrounding the Insectarium to ID several of the trees in the area so that I would know what we had when making decisions about what caterpillars we could feed (we have a rule that the person who brings an animal in - or accepts a donation - has to provide food for the animal). A local offered to donate a Polyphemus moth which was laying eggs and since I told them yes the onus was on me for finding fodder.

As JohnLee walked me around I realized how very much of my tuition for my "local flora" class was so utterly wasted. I am utterly inept when it comes to plants. I told JohnLee that I always confused oak and elm and his face froze in a moment and I remember when a friend asked me what kinds of plants mantids ate and I think I made a similar pose. I then explained that though I realized the trees looked nothing alike - I think it is the fact that they are three letter words that does me in. Oddly, I don't this made me sound any more intelligent. What color is the state of Australia again?


I really thought I would no more at this point in my life.

Never try to tell everything you know. It may take to short a time.

~ Norman Ford ~


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Sep. 28th, 2009 04:31 am (UTC)
Hey I'm continually surprised at how little I know--and I've been at it a half century longer than you have!
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