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Must stop using the word "enhance" ...

Today I had another committee meeting with the group gathered for "audience experience" and I have to make the confession that I had fun. We accomplished something - decisions were made - progress was had!!!

It was kind of depressing to return from that to watching the butterfly house and basically sitting on my hands. Don't get me wrong - I love my job and there is fun to be had working the floor but ... there are times I miss the accomplishment of making decisions and organizing something. I think this was the reason that my first major was math (sick I know). I got an honest to God high when completing a complicated math problem. There is something enjoyable about planning something out - even if it is just on paper and is going to never come to fruition. Still ... there is a solidity and tangibility to it.

One of the hard parts about working with the public in the fashion that is presented at the museum is that you never see if your work had an impact. When teaching a class you are able to watch students grow or fail - good or bad there is something to show for your work - a measurable effect. With the general public it can be frustrating and easy to burn out on because you never get that completion.

I kind of miss the high. The sad part is that at this museum I don't even have the filler of raising insects. The "IRF" does all the major husbandry and there isn't room for the special interest projects I used to fiddle with while at my old museum. *sigh*

Well for now I will get my fix from the next few meetings of this committee. Who knows - our committee is calling for the creation of other more permanent committees ... maybe I will end up on one of those and I will be able to continue this sort of work on the side. I know many at work think I am insane (or simply naive) for enjoying this but I can't help it (yet).

I don't insist on total happiness all at once
I'll Agree to accept it in regular installments.

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