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I started out the day on the phone trying to track down the answers to all sorts of questions about bills and such. A lot of this I have been putting off but I am trying to tie loose ends with creditors and attempting to straighten out some issues with my insurance - fun! To be honest - I am trying to be better about all of this stuff but it is hard when ignoring it has always been the "solution" in the past.

One phone call that turned out really well was to the sportcenter in Concord. I was calling to see if I could get a temp membership while I was home and after talking to the guy (who was really, really helpful and nice) for a while he realized that he knew my parents because he went to the same church with them. I left the conversation with him trying to figure out what sort of deal he could get me ... but it sounds like they will let me pay for one guest pass and use it multiple times - Sweet!

When afternoon rolled around I started to prepare of Marisa coming over and helped me move some things around in my garden. I went to Lowes and bought some mulch and a few little plants for my front steps. I had pruned the bushes in my front yard before she got there and she helped me by weeding and then we spread the mulch. In the back we moved the hibiscus bushes to the back wall and took the smaller plants and put them on the sides of my yard (they use to be interspaced among the hibiscus but the hibiscus grew so well and quickly that my gardinias and azaleas were being choked out). After shifting everything around we weeded and mulched ... the transformation is astounding. We both were amazed - my garden hadn't looked bad before but now it looks fantastic!

I want to go to Lowes tomorrow and buy a little more mulch and another gardenia but I am actually very proud of how my yard looks right now. It also didn't take nearly as much work as I feared. We were really only out there a little over two hours.

Afterwards I paid her by making dinner (parmesan crusted tilapia, garlic baked potatoes, and corn ... carbs anyone?) and was tickled by the fact that she was so enamored by my "cooking" (really the tilapia is frozen already seasoned and the corn in microwaved - I can only take credit for the potatoes ... but I do make a kick-ass baked potato). I offered to invite her over more often but she knows money is tight so we compromised that she can pay me the base cost for the supplies. I don't mind doing the work and I enjoy the company.

All around this was a really fantastic day off.

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

~Robert Frost~

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