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Rambling ...

I am doing the "Body Pump" class at my local gym and I admit that it is really fun. The amusing part is that I am getting really addicted to the songs they use. I don't listen to the radio much (ipod junkie that I am) and so I don't generally hear much of the popular dance songs that come out, unless they are used in a television show I watch. The side affect now is that whenever I hear these songs I want to get up and move - sometimes I even go through the movements of the workout (sans weights).

I don't expect these classes to make huge differences in my appearance and, as a woman, I almost hope they don't because I don't want to be "buff" ... just toned. Nonetheless I admit that getting up and doing *something* makes me happy.

It is funny that my current financial crunch is actually making me enjoy life in different ways. I can't go out ... so I am reading more again. I can't afford much gas ... so I ride my bike more. I can't eat out ... so I am learning about new dishes I can make at home and, frankly, finding that I like my own cooking (I use that term loosely) better than my previous fast food haunts.

I still haven't mastered my budget. I could afford my life month to month if I wasn't concerned with buying birthday and Christmas presents (yes, I start this early - it is the only way I can find and afford things for everyone), odd expenses like hair cuts, and the wear and tear of life like fixing car tires, getting oil changes, and getting my watch out of hock (I took it to a repair shop two months ago ... I could have afforded it last month but I found a perfect - and somewhat expensive - Christmas present for a loved one ... the watch can wait). I am learning though. I don't enjoy continuing to live hand to mouth and I will be glad when Audubon can afford the promotion they promised me ... but this is turning out to be a good learning experience for me.

Speaking of work - I have decided to attempt to behave more like a assistant manager of husbandry and try to not let the day to day stuff consume me. I am likely going to offend some people by being more present in certain areas and less in others ... but that is the way it is. I had a long talk with a good friend at work and she convinced me that I need to look at my situation and be more proactive. I am painfully non-confrontational so this is something that is going to come slow but I am trying.

Anywho, another one of my resolutions is to attempt to take the time to actually put down my thoughts here on LiveJournal again. I have been sporadic for so long and I am out of practice but I am going to try. This always helped me sort things out in the past and I truly believe it was an enormous tool towards my mental health during undergrad ... so I am going to try to pick it back up. However, due to the nature of my job I am going to "friends only" posts where I talk about work - I will try to put those thoughts on separate posts so that lurkers and facebookers can read the rest but ... I don't want another lecture from a higher up and I sincerely don't want to ruffle anyones feathers (even unintentionally).

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

~ Theodore Roosevelt ~

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