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Mardi Gras

Just returned from my first Mardi Gras parade!!!

Marisa, Marc and I went down to where his son lives (and has a balcony were we can watch the parade from and a clean bathroom as well) to watch the Bacchus parade. Up until now I have been going home after work simply because I am the only manager on duty through this holiday and I just don't have the stamina to go out every night and be coherent at work as well.

Anyways, I had a blast! We rode our bikes down to where the parade started and spent the rest of the evening attempting to catch beads. I failed miserably and aside from one necklace that hit while I was looking elsewhere I didn't catch any myself. I scavenged a lot off the ground, Marc gave me everything he caught, and two various strangers (whom we chatted up while in line) gave me LOADS of beads. All in all I ended up with close to 15 pounds of beads (literally), several stuffed animals, enough plastic cups to keep me from doing dishes for a couple of weeks, several stuffed animals (my favorite is a little whale with grapes on it), and the ever prized doubloons!

Now I must go to bed because I need to be at work tomorrow at 8:30am and after work is an even LONGER party for Lundi Gras. Before I always said I wasn't going to go downtown on Mardi Gras day but now I think I might if Marc and Marisa do. I had a lot of fun hanging with them.

My camera was absolutely useless but nonetheless - some pics below the cut ...

Bacchagator Creatures of the Imagination
A Bacchus mainstay for years, the Bacchagator was introduced in the Krewe's 1986 parade. The 105-foot, three piece float can accommodate 86 riders. Originally debuted as green, the float was modified in 1997 to resemble the rare white "leucisitic" alligator that makes it home at the New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas. The alligator returned to green in the 2005 parade and remains that way to the present date.
Creatures of the Imagination
That was the theme of the parade. The floates included elves, aliens, goblins, the pegasus, and this phoenix ... to name a few.
Marisa and Lauren Afterwards
Marisa and Lauren
2009 Bacchus parade
We rode behind following the parade to look for any leftover "goodies" (eventually giving up because Marisa got tired and hungry) but this give a small idea of the mess. You can't see the piles of trash on the sides of the road but ... trust me - it is amazing.

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