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valentines day ...

I love holidays. I just like to celebrate.

I think that a great deal of the reason I like holidays as of late is because I like having a reason to get things for people. Due to my current situation it isn't wholly wise for me to be buying stuff for my employees and friends whenever the chance presents itself ... but holidays are few enough (once a month or so at most) that I feel justified in buying little gifts. I like making people happy. It isn't really altruism because I like the seeing them happy and surprised ... if they took it for granted and weren't appropriately thankful I wouldn't get pleasure from it and I would likely stop.

Another reason I enjoy holidays is that today was no longer just another Saturday - it was valentines day! I have never really felt the need to celebrate this holiday but when I realized it was coming up I asked Jayme and Zack what they had planned. Zack gave the staff some facts on "Bug Love" and Jayme gave me the okay to go out and buy some supplies to decorate.

Having grown up professionally under the states wing - working in a state museum - I am always hesitant on mentioning or celebrating holidays. So when Jayme told me I could cheese up the place I could hardly contain my happiness!

I went out last night and bought some garland, large paper hearts, and a box of plastic hearts and this morning I cut all the flowers blooming in my backyard ... all in preparation of cheesing up the museum.

I would have liked to do more and I think that the guests weren't enthused but it made me happy and I think the staff enjoyed it a great deal as well. Like I said - it wasn't simply another Saturday.

Our next holiday - March 14: Save a Spider Day (and, no, we didn't make that up)


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Feb. 15th, 2009 09:48 am (UTC)
Save a spider day sounds endearing : )
Feb. 16th, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)
You're so adorable! You really did spruce up the place. I was tickled by the excuse to buy the little perforated valentines with candy for the kids in my little's class. Seriously, so much fun to put together!
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