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Another day ...

My parents got their check from Dillards!!!

I have been really worried about it for the last few weeks. Every year this one account makes or breaks my Mom's business. It isn't that they wouldn't be able to survive if they didn't get an order from them, but rather if they take the order and Dillards doesn't pay that they would go under. To produce the massive amount that Dillards wants, Mom has to take out several loans to pay for the supplies and personel. Basically she remains in debt for the last few months of the year and then pays off the loans once Dillards comes through. Every year they are a later and later with their payment. This year though they were about three weeks past any other tardy payment. On the flip side, they gave her more than she had been expecting ... not one to look gift horses in the mouth Mom has put the money aside to see if they ask for it back but otherwise is simply reveling in the ability to actually show her face at the bank.

It is odd but the economy issues don't seem to be affecting my parents that much. The January 2008 wholesale show was their best ever and this year they aren't doing that bad either ... not as good as last year but it would be silly to expect that. Even the retail shows we did didn't see the decreases one would expect - in fact, aside from Dollywood, I think most the shows held their own within 5 - 10 percent.

I wish I had been able to do the mall again. I heard that people actually called the business crying because they couldn't find us at either location, and I feel really and truly like I failed people by not being there ... but I don't regret the move here to NOLA. Aside from my loneliness, this is a really good place for me to be right now. We will see where things take me in the next few years but for now this is right where I need to be.

First cello, then piano, now guitar ...

I flew home from my parent’s house after Christmas so I wasn't able to take all my presents with me on the plane. My Mother was kind enough to ship the remaining items out to me this past week. Included in that were some guitar CD's that I have been dying to listen to for the past month or so. They are by a guy, Don Thomas, who sets up near us in the Virginia Beach Christmas Show. We have been by him for the last couple of years and he always plays the same beautiful music. This past show the wife told us she was interested in trading - and thus I got a full set of his CD's!! (Which I just found out he autographed - *grin*).

I normally am not a big acoustic guitar person but his music makes for great ambiance. I also admit (and those of you who know me well know this) that the fact that I live a week a year with his music playing constantly nearby me makes me crave it at later dates. I have a weird addiction to music. If you make me listen to a song repeatedly over any length of time ... I become oddly attached. One would think the reverse would be true but for me music is like a drug and I like to know that I can get a fix by simply scrolling through my iPod.

Cleaning House

So I am on the end of my second of three days off! Three! I had a whole list of things to accomplish. Predictably enough I haven't really done any of them ... aside from relax. I started to clean a little bit today and I am hoping to continue tomorrow. I admit ... I don't expect to have a clean house by the end of tomorrow but I am hoping to have created a large enough dent that I don't feel futile in my attempts to straighten during the week.

I did get some weeding done. My initial plan was to do a complete overhaul of the beds in the back yard and take all the non-hibiscus bushes out to make more room for some hibiscus that I plan to buy in the near future. The farthest I got on that plan was to pull all the weeds that were standing above 2 feet. Can I just take a moment to be amazed at how quickly weeds grow down here??!?!


So, like I said, haven't accomplished much beyond relaxing. I think that is okay though. I was getting to be hard to live with at work so I am hoping that this (along with my self administerd dose of Pollyann) will make me a better coworker and boss. The only thing I HAVE to do tomorrow is get the tires on my car fixed because that is becoming a very real hazard to my life.

Meeting new people

Aside from my chores tomorrow I am also considering going to a meeting at a nearby campus of the Ponchatrain Astronomy Society. I have always been interested in Astronomy and I would really like to learn more about the stars. I would also like to learn how to use the telescope that I own ... though I am sure it is in need of repairs if not outright missing parts.

I spent the vast majority of the day looking up various ways to meet people in the area that aren't at all related to my work. I am thinking about using meetup.com to find some social events. This is all part of my new master plan to become more active in life beyond the Insectarium. We'll see ... I may or may not have time to go to the meeting tomorrow but I really think I ought to try.

May you live all the days of your life.

~Jonathan Swift~

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