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Common sins ....

Today one of my employees found out that their fiancee was cheating on them. A common friend and I were talking about it and she brought up the fact that the fiancee was accusing him of cheating before this came into the light.

This didn't surprise me. I think that most everyone thinks that their own faults are common. I am not sure if it is a way of coping with ones own "guilt" or if it is just a sample as to how jaded we can be but I do believe that everyone thinks that their little dark secret is a common anomaly among most the people they know.

The internet is a great tool for enabling these delusions - with chat rooms for every fetish, prejudice, and deviancy you could think of where people can congregate and tell eachother "it can't be wrong if we are all doing it. I think that this ease has been a great milestone in human rights (uniting oppressed minorities) but has also likely been solely responsible for the creation a lot of monsters.

I know I indulge in this little touch of fantasy. I am well aware of my own social deviances but am also a firm believer that they are a relatively common factor in the general populace. I think my reasons are more guilt than being jaded but who knows ...

I think somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

PS: I couldn't help but think "Everything about sociology I ever needed to know I learned from L&O" while typing this ...


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Nov. 24th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
Sadly, a topic that I've become all-too familiar with (and not just from l&o) between school and work.

And what you are talking about is exactly what all the studies bear out. As L&O sop aptly explained (correctly, I swear), it starts with a thought, but most people dismiss it as awful, and something that they could never do, and then they get curious, and find a chat room. People in the chat room tell them that it's normal, and confirm this with the fact that they are all the same way. They provide all sorts of rationalizations - the biggest one being that they are the normal ones, and it's the mainstream that's deviant. Then, it's just a short step to acting on it.

You have to admit that when you look at it objectively, and from a distance, it certainly seems to be the most obvious of temptation tactics (although this gets into a belief in a very active and real devil/demons). If you wanted someone to do something, wouldn't the easiest way be to convince them that it wasn't bad and that there was no need to feel guilt - that it was what everyone was doing?

The internet scares me sometimes. I am completely addicted to it, but it has such power to enable! You'd think that by now I'd have come to grips with the fact that power doesn't necessarily chose sides. The same vehicle of great, wonderful chance can be used for great evil.

/pondering mysteries of life
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