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Damned if you do, Damned if you don't ...

While watching the news about my home and the hurricane I have also had to hear about how the Republican National Convention is being shortened and downplayed due to the storm.

Now I think that this is a appropriate response to the storm. They can't expect the government officials to be focused on a celebration when there is such important work to do.

What irritates me is how people are saying that it is a political move. Yes, in a way it is. It is a political move in the same way that candidates not getting drunk in public or not losing their temper and saying what they "really" want to is. Everything politicians do and don't do is a political move! Yet, how can anyone say that they are just doing it to "look like they care" ... maybe they are human and really do care? Now, I am a moderate republican but if it was the DNC that was being put on hold I wouldn't be so cynical as to say that the only reason they were doing it was so they wouldn't look bad and to put on the false image that they care.

Seriously cynicism annoys the hell out of me ...

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